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    Improve cashflow and take control of your creditors

    Improve cashflow and take control of your creditors

    Credit control is designed with the needs of various businesses in mind. Encore Debt Recovery is a credit control company that prevents cash flow problems, allowing you to improve your cash flow before problems start to arise.

    Being a credit control company simply means that we contact customers to remind them of missed or outstanding invoices. Here at Encore Debt Recovery, we offer credit control services to allow clients to identify which of their customers pay on time, essentially rewarding them with credit.

    The main purpose of credit control is to accelerate sales, so if you’re a business that’s looking to boost your number of sales and to generate a profit, you’re in capable hands.

    Credit checking

    A credit check will allow you to gain an insight into what your credit score is and what it means for you and your business. Performing a credit check will help you to understand your credit so that you know how to improve it, should you need to!

    Credit check companies, like us, are experts when it comes to checking the credit of individuals and businesses, hence why we aim to provide a comprehensive solution for all of our clients. Any credit check that we provide includes information about credit scores and credit history, allowing you to distinguish whether you can trust businesses or not.

    Legal debt recovery

    Legal debt recovery is an ideal solution for customers who “cannot pay” and customers who “won’t pay”. The legal team of professionals at Encore Debt Recovery are always on hand to offer their expertise when it comes to the recovery of debt, so be sure to get in touch with us if you need to know any more about the service that we have to offer.

    Here at Encore Debt Recovery, we specialise in the recovery of debt and think nothing less than providing you with an honest evaluation. Our evaluations confirm whether legal debt recovery is right for you and whether you could benefit.

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