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    Our experience and ability put us in a strong position to differentiate between people who won’t pay and people who can’t pay

    Consumer debt recovery

    As experts in debt collection we are conscious that a different approach may be utilised in order to retrieve debts from consumers. Our approach involves a combination of techniques including formal approaches by letter, email and text. In over 80% of cases we are able to recover a consumer debt without the procedure necessitating a phone call or visit.

    Means Assessment

    Our experience and ability put us in a strong position to differentiate between people who won’t pay and people who can’t pay. We are able to make an assessment by scrutinising income and expenditure accounts and can still organise repayments long after other debt collection companies would have acquiesced.

    Payment Plans and Financial Surveillance Procedure

    If the circumstance arises whereby a person is unable to make a payment in full we are able to use our experience and professionalism to organise a repayment plan. Far from that being the end of the matter, as part of our dedication to recovering your debt, we continue to oversee an account until the final payment has been made.

    If any payments are missed we are alerted to it immediately and engage with the debtor to ensure payments are continued as arranged. We implement our ability to constantly assess the financial circumstances of the customer so that if we are able to, we can pursue payment in full or an increased part payment. If a client was unemployed when the initial payment plan was put in place, we have the power to reassess and increase the payment plan to ensure you receive your money more quickly.

    Mediation Skills

    If you are not being paid because your customer has an issue then we are skilled in resolving the situation to mutual satisfaction. When we are approached by a client, the account in question will undergo rigorous vetting procedures so that we know we can confidently pursue payment, knowing that the money is owed. We understand that empathy and understanding can go a long way towards the resolution of an unpaid bill and use discretion and professionalism throughout. Our mediation skills are well known in the industry for avoiding protracted court cases and incurring legal costs for both parties.

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