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    Why choose Encore Debt Recovery

    • Dedicated Account Manager / Progress Reports
    • Localised Debt Recovery Officers to Visit Debtors
    • Cost effective, Professional and Pro Active

    Comprehensive Debt Recovery Services

    As a debt collection agency, Encore Debt Recovery offers a comprehensive range of debt collection services that inevitably suit the requirements of various clients.

    Our team of professionals are always on hand to offer their expertise should you need it when it comes to selecting debt collection services. We work with businesses to retrieve overdue payments, making sure individual debts are handled efficiently.

    With our debt collection services, we take appropriate measures to recover late payments. For any payments that are deemed as late, they are passed on to the agency and we will make contact with those who owe money.


    No hidden fees

    No matter which of our debt recovery services you choose, Encore Debt Recovery offer fixed prices, so you needn’t worry about there being any hidden fees! If you’re looking for a credit check, we can help you to prevent “bad debt” and boost financial efficiency. A credit check is just one of the efficient services that we specialise in at Encore Debt Recovery!

    For us, an efficient credit check service makes the difference between failure and success and we prioritise debt collection services, and debt recovery services to ensure that you get what is owed to you.

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    Consumer Debt Recovery

    Consumer debt recovery

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    Credit control

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    Tracing Services

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