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    When we take on the job of recovering your debts we not only take the weight off your shoulders we allow your business to grow.

    Dedicated Team with a proven track record

    In these very uncertain times, debt is becoming a more common problem meaning many businesses are left with unpaid invoices.

    There is a clear knock-on effect to your business and though we are all trying to be understanding, it is essential to follow up on debts that you are owed.

    Here at Encore Debt Recovery we have a dedicated debt recovery team with a proven track record in securing payments.

    Why Choose Encore Debt Recovery

    The biggest benefit of outsourcing debt recovery is taking away the stress of chasing payments. Asking for money is not always easy, even though it is yours.

    Contacting debtors is time consuming, particularly when most of the time they are trying to avoid you.

    This inhibits your business. Investing in training, technology and sales all require money and without cashflow your business is at best hampered, at worst, it could be put at risk.

    When we take on the job of recovering your debts we not only take the weight off your shoulders we allow your business to grow.

    Managing your relationships

    We know the people who owe your business money maybe people you have worked with for years. We know how we deal with recovering your debt will reflect on your business.

    In most cases clear professional communication is enough to trigger a payment and open up dialogue.

    Instalment programmes

    Following on from the first letter, we will chase debtors by phone and attempt to agree a repayment. In cases of financial hardship, we can set up an instalment programme. If you are happy for us to do so.

    We always work with cost-effectiveness in mind so we will assess the full facts of every case. Providing you with our recommendations for action. Our ultimate aim is to recover the debt quickly, efficiently and as amicably as possible. This not only protects your reputation but keeps costs down.

    Our team of have excellent negotiating skills. They are extremely adept at persuading debtors to pay. We will never go ahead with legal action without your consent or agreeing the costs.

    When the courts are required

    There are occasions when legal action is the only remedy. We will ensure the debtor is liable for most of the costs and all evidence is supplied to courts professionally.

    We have experience in all areas of debt collection from sole traders and SMEs to large corporations. The impact of non-payment is something that every business should take seriously, and we’re here to help.

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