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    Reliable & Trusted Debt Recovery Solutions

    Our professional team will work closely with you to provide successful debt collection, ultimately ensuring that original creditors get arrears repaid. Making efficient contact, we retrieve money that’s owed to our clients, making sure that they receive what is rightfully theirs.

    Commercial Debt Recovery

    Tailored towards the needs and requirements of your businesses.

    Consumer Debt Recovery

    Consumer Debt Recovery

    In over 80% of cases we are able to recover consumer debt without needing a phone call or visit.

    Credit Control

    Credit Control

    Prevent cash flow problems, allowing you to improve your cash flow before problems start to arise.

    Trace Services

    Trace Services

    Many debts we have successfully collected are from people who appear to have vanished without trace.

    Put your debt in the hands of professionals

    Encore Debt Recovery are specialists in debt recovery. We act as the middleman for collecting delinquent debts, making debt collection and recovery easier for you and your business.

    We work with you to understand your business needs and wants to make sure an optimum outcome is achieved. Our debt recovery services are tailored to suit your exact demands, so whether you’re looking to minimise debts or maximise cash flow, you needn’t look any further!

    A unique approach

    The Covid pandemic has had a huge impact on businesses. As a professional debt recovery business we have had to adapt too. As well as the impact on business finances, the courts are also backlogged with cases.

    Nevertheless we hold our clients right to retrieve what they are owed at the heart of our services. We have adapted our processes to ensure we engage with your clients and use mediation/dispute resolution and other legal processes to recover your debt quickly and ensure your business is able to survive in these uncertain times.

    With any of the services we offer as a debt collection agency, we take a unique approach to every individual case, as each case is like a fingerprint and each case is taken on its merits. This ensures honesty and trust are displayed from start to finish.

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